Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday, Tera Bodnar!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope your week/weekend has been spooktacular. Unfortunately, my own plans ended up falling through and I didn’t end up having a good enough excuse to dress up in costume… although it is also the birthday of a certain special someone in my life… 😉

ANNOUNCEMENT: Whip Smart Postponed Until Oct. 25

Hello, fellow book nerds! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know by now that I haven’t been able to shut up about my impending release date, which would have been today. Unfortunately, while I have been eagerly and nervously awaiting this day for months and months, some serious life circumstances have comeContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT: Whip Smart Postponed Until Oct. 25”

Whip Smart- Excerpt and Dream “Cast”

Wow, less than two weeks to go until Whip Smart is out. I’m pumped but nervous as hell, what more can I say? To commemorate the countdown to Oct. 22 and as a bit of fun to ease the stress of pre-release jitters, I’d like to share my personal vision for Whip Smart’s leading couple, Tera Bodnar and EricContinue reading “Whip Smart- Excerpt and Dream “Cast””

Whip Smart Cover Reveal and Excerpt!

Hello, fellow book nerds! Wow, it’s really hard to believe that the three-week countdown to the release date of Whip Smart is already here. For those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter, you may recall that this book has been in the works for a long time now, and even though it’s been aContinue reading “Whip Smart Cover Reveal and Excerpt!”