HOLY CRAP, I PUBLISHED A BOOK (AKA Whip Smart Now Available)

GUYS. I’ve done it. I’ve published a novel.


Yeah… I might still be in shock.

It’s been a pretty trying week (hell, a pretty trying couple of months) trying to get my precious baby Whip Smart out there into the world, and I’d like to apologize again for the multiple delays and thank you all for your patience. I know that I did say previously that the release would be delayed only until Oct. 24th… and then until the 25th… but leave it to me to go multiple days with hardly any sleep due to some very important issues in my personal life and just general stress, then having my body crash and getting 11 hours of much-needed sleep which caused me to accidentally blow past what I’d figured would be the right time to upload my book to have it out on the 25th, then finally upload it, only to later find out from other authors experiencing issues that Amazon’s been having technical difficulties. Needless to say, after all that:

But hey, aren’t all first books just one big lesson learned the hard way? So basically the takeaway here is that I’ll definitely be doing a pre-order for the sequel, Strictly Business (getting ahead of myself here, but it comes out in December, fyi). Nice and simple.

“So where can I find this fabulous debut novel filled with explosive chemistry, steamy BDSM action, nerdy banter, and heart-wrenching secrets?” you might be wondering. To sate your curiosity, check out Whip Smart on Amazon.

Happy reading, my fellow book nerds… 😉

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