Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday, Tera Bodnar!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope your week/weekend has been spooktacular. Unfortunately, my own plans ended up falling through and I didn’t end up having a good enough excuse to dress up in costume… although it is also the birthday of a certain special someone in my life… 😉

Speaking of birthdays, let’s wish a happy one to Tera Bodnar! Yup, I’m doing that thing where I celebrate a main character’s birthday. Also, I did the thing where I–partially–picked that birthday in honor of my significant other’s birthday. I’m… not sure what that says about me. Hopefully something good.

Happy birthday, honey! Love you…

Anyway, to celebrate Tera’s birthday, I did that thing that author’s do where they make a playlist for their book! It mostly consists of some of Tera’s favorite songs (and as you can probably tell by some of the selections, her tastes haven’t changed a lot since high school), but it’s also a general playlist for Whip Smart, with just about every song directly referenced in the book, some of Eric’s favorites, stuff that Alien Space Rocks would probably cover, and some other thematically-appropriate songs, all arranged in a nice, neat list that will hopefully sync up with the appropriate chapters as you read! I think, anyway. Haven’t tested it yet.


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