Happy New Year! Strictly Business Updates and Special New Year’s Super Post!

Happy New Year, book nerds! With 2017 circling the drain, let’s all hope that 2018 will be a year with many good things to come. But while it’s hard to deny that 2017 was a year of a lot of bad news (to put it mildly), I find it healthy to remember the good things that came out of it. I survived a semester of grad school, moved in with the Boyfriend and celebrated four years together with him, and, of course, became a published author.

Speaking of, I’m sure that all of you are still wondering where Strictly Business is. I feel like I should explain. When I published Whip Smart at the end of October, there were a lot of personal matter in my life–which have only just now begun to settle down–which prevented me from publishing it when I had originally planned. I was disappointed with the rocky start to my romance writing career and was determined to get the sequel out there as soon as possible. And as a result, I feel that I rushed it. When I canceled the pre-order a little over a week ago to fix a mistake in the manuscript, I read through it again to make sure I hadn’t missed any other mistakes, and couldn’t help but think of the things I’d scrapped or changed to make sure Strictly Business was published “on time”, as well as a few new and pretty damn good ideas that had come to me after I’d already started the publishing process on Amazon.

So instead of letting those ideas merely be wishful thinking, I decided that I might as well take my time and make sure that the final draft of Strictly Business is the best it can possibly be. And while I hate long waits, delays, and broken promises as much as anyone, I feel that it’s only fair to you readers to give you the best book that I can write. I can tell you that the new and improved version of Strictly Business will be available on March 10th, both it and Whip Smart will be available for $0.99 for the first week, and everyone currently on my mailing list will receive a free ARC copy. Also, since I actually had large chunks of book three already written, I’m also happy to announce that Tangled Love will be released on March 31st. 

Oh, I intend to do my best…

So what else is next for me in 2018? Well, I actually have a lot of exciting plans, including books outside of The Loft series. I have an itch to try a legit billionaire romance, so look for that in the near future, most likely as soon as April. I plan on it being a duology, with book two being released shortly after book one, likely both in March. I also have something a little more suspenseful and crime-themed (but still full of deliciously kinky sex) in the works, which will actually be a spin-off featuring characters you’ll get to meet in Strictly Business and Tangled Love. It’s actually been a passion project of mine that I’ve been dreaming of/working on between other projects for over a year, and I’m looking forward to having that out in May or June.

I may be taking a brief hiatus from being Siena Noble, romance author in the summer to focus on a fantasy novel project under a different secret identity, but rest assured that I have big plans for September onward, including book four of The Loft (tentatively titled Breaking Point with a tentative release date of October), plus the first two books of an exciting spin-off series involving a certain side character you already know from Whip Smart and a mysterious newcomer you’ll be meeting in Strictly Business.

But wait, there’s more! To whet your appetite for Strictly Business, celebrate its upcoming release (for real this time, I swear!), and celebrate the new year, I have not only an exclusive excerpt from the book, but also brand-new “dream cast” picks for the characters of The Loft!

(EDIT- 4/4/19: Hello, all! For those of you who are new here and eager to see how I envisioned the characters–or those of you returning to enjoy pictures of beautiful people–I apologize for the lack of pictures. Unfortunately, due to this recent blog post by Jenny Trout, I’ve decided to play it safe and remove my celebrity “dream cast” pictures from my blog. I know I’m far from the first author to share their visual inspiration for their characters, that my website/blog is not actually monetized, and that I would never use unauthorized photos on book covers or official promo materials, but I realize now that what happened to Jenny could happen to anyone, and I’d rather not take the risk of getting sued. I know that on other blog posts I’ve used reaction gifs featuring actors/celebrities who also happen to have served as visual inspiration for a few of my characters, and those will remain in those posts for the time being. However, all relevant images from my designated “character ‘cast'” posts will be removed. I will leave the names of the actors/celebrities, though, so anyone who wants to know how I envisioned the characters in my own mind can look them up. Or, just check out my Pinterest board, which has way, way too many pictures.)

You’ve already met Teresa Bodnar (dream cast: Nina Dobrev)…

And Eric Yun (Choi Siwon)…

Now meet the rest of the cast:

Alexis Ortega- Emeraude Toubia

Lucas Long- Zhang Yixing

Megan McGinnis- Holland Roden

Aaron Markowski- Dominic Sherwood

And a new cast member as of Strictly Business, Mr. Neal Drake- Henry Cavill

And now, prepare yourselves for a hot n’ steamy exclusive excerpt from Strictly Business. Enjoy…

I hadn’t yet fully comprehended what Eric had told me when our lips crashed together in an explosion of desire, but I instantly abandoned all thoughts of trying to rationalize or justify anything he’d said. The spark of desperate hope was a full-blown wildfire now, fueled by the heady passion he was pouring into that kiss. The moment was so pure, so unexpectedly perfect that I had a sudden urge to giggle, though my laugh turned into a moan as Eric sank his teeth into my lower lip and slowly dragged his mouth away from mine.

We stared at each other for a moment, locked in each other’s arms. the wildfire of hope turned into something much more smoldering and sensual as I watched the tender bewilderment in Eric’s eyes take on a carnal twist. Suddenly his mouth was on mine again, his lips greedy and demanding as they parted mine with ease. I sucked on his tongue with equal greediness, loving the low rumble that vibrated through his chest as he moaned. My hands were everywhere; I couldn’t get enough of him but didn’t know where to start. I settled on the hem of his shirt, planning on getting the damn thing off of his perfect body as quickly as possible. But Eric knew exactly what he was doing, as if he’d known all along that this moment was bound to happen. He captured my wrists and pinned my wayward hands behind my back, pulling me flush against his chest. I hadn’t realized we’d been moving closer to the table until he had me backed up against the edge of it. I wanted to protest as he drew his lips away from mine again, but my brain short-circuited a little as he easily parted my legs with his knee and deftly stepped between them. My core throbbed with acute need as he pressed his growing erection against me, and he made no move to stop me as I shamelessly rubbed myself against it.

He ran his lips teasingly along my jaw up to my earlobe, and I gasped at the electric jolt of arousal when he nipped me lightly. “Now do you believe me?” he growled softly in my ear.

A breathy laugh escaped me. “I can hardly believe any of this right now,” I whispered. “How do I know this isn’t just another dream?”

Eric chuckled softly, in that low, dangerously sexy way that drove me wild. With his hands still firmly encircling my wrists, he took my hands and placed them on the edge of the table on either side of my hips.

“Hold on to the table,” he ordered. I obeyed without question and watched him sink to his knees in front of me, utterly enthralled. He slid his hands up my thighs and reached around to cup my ass, but I only had a precious second to appreciate that possessive touch before his little smirk told me he was about to do something deliciously devious. I gasped again as he reached for the waistband of my workout pants and yanked them down. I needed no coaxing, moving to allow him to pull my pants off completely and complying as he spread my legs further apart. It was only when my lower half was exposed to him fully, when Eric closed his eyes and brought his nose up to my dripping wet pussy with an appreciative grin, that I felt just the slightest hesitation.

“What are you doing?” I asked with the faintest moan.

“Proving this isn’t a dream,” he said, and gave me no further warning before he buried his face between my thighs. My mouth fell open but no sound came out, the sudden pleasure too overwhelming. His tongue speared into me repeatedly, and my delayed cry was finally drawn out of me as the flat of his tongue brushed my clit. My fingers curled around the edge of the table with a savage grip, mirroring the way Eric’s fingers dug into my thighs as he worked up to a relentless rhythm. It was all I could do to keep myself standing upright. I was panting now, my whole being now focused on the the thrumming bud of pleasure winding tighter and tighter as his tongue against my clit grew more and more persistent…

With my orgasm just out of reach, Eric abruptly pulled his mouth away from my quivering pussy and stood. “Wh-what? No! No, please, please don’t stop,” I begged, my voice coming out as a whine that only made Eric laugh in that maddeningly sexy way of his again. He silenced my protests with a kiss, swiftly dipping his tongue into my mouth to give me a taste of my own arousal, then drawing it back just as quickly.
He positioned himself squarely between my bare legs, then took my wrists again and guided my hands to hang onto him around his neck.

“Not yet,” he whispered darkly with a devilish grin. “I want you in my bed first.”

Strictly Business will be available on Amazon on March 10th. Happy reading… 😉

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