Get Ready! High Risk is (Finally) Almost Here!

Yes, at long last, I finally have a totally-official release date: May 24th. I’m very sorry for not having out this week as I had originally hoped; but although it did take a little longer than anticipated to get everything straightened out in terms of copyediting, formatting, and promotional stuff, but the stars did alignContinue reading “Get Ready! High Risk is (Finally) Almost Here!”

Where in the World is Siena Noble? A Brief Update

Back from the dead, assholes! All joking aside, I apologize once again for dropping off the face of the Earth for so long, especially since those of you who might’ve been looking forward to the release of High Risk are probably wondering where it is. I know that I’ve gone into detail before about whyContinue reading “Where in the World is Siena Noble? A Brief Update”