About Leanne Lukacs

Blogger, infrequent Tweeter, fantasy author in-progress, and aspiring YouTube video essayist (if I can ever manage to record and edit these videos on a reasonable timescale). Also formerly known as romance author Siena Noble. Notorious in some very niche circles for my hated of Christian Grey and Anakin Skywalker. Lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, PA with a love of hiking, Battlestar Galactica, pistachio pudding, and occasionally painting my nails.

Here, you’ll find updates on my fantasy WIPs and releases, as well as my Fifty Shades of Grey Revisited and Dan Brown Revisited book recaps. My current fantasy novel in-progress is THE BLOOD ALCHEMIST, book one of the Immortal Artifacts series, a contemporary urban fantasy/historical fantasy crossover featuring a newly turned vampire archeology student caught up in her own murder mystery and taken under the wing of the immortal and infamous “Blood Countess” Elizabeth Bathory, whose true history is more complicated than it appears…

You can find me on Twitter @Leanne_Lukacs, and sometimes on Tumblr @what-the-fang.