Here’s a Sneak Peek at High Risk! Plus, Some Other News

Hey there, book nerds! Whew, it’s been a pretty thrilling/nervewracking week after finally releasing Strictly Business. I hope those of you who were eagerly anticipating how Tera and Eric’s continuing story would play out are enjoying reading it unfold just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just a heads up, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet,Continue reading “Here’s a Sneak Peek at High Risk! Plus, Some Other News”

I’m Back! With Long-Awaited Strictly Business News

Hi, book nerds! Sorry that it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. I feel bad about being away for so long, I haven’t even tweeted in forever. Unfortunately, things have still been a bit rough in my personal life over the past few months, not to mention the mild resurgence of depression andContinue reading “I’m Back! With Long-Awaited Strictly Business News”

Happy New Year! Strictly Business Updates and Special New Year’s Super Post!

Happy New Year, book nerds! With 2017 circling the drain, let’s all hope that 2018 will be a year with many good things to come. But while it’s hard to deny that 2017 was a year of a lot of bad news (to put it mildly), I find it healthy to remember the good thingsContinue reading “Happy New Year! Strictly Business Updates and Special New Year’s Super Post!”

Strictly Business Release Update… Part 2

Hello again, everyone. Unfortunately, I’m writing this emergency post to share some bad news: due to unexpected technical difficulties, I’ve had to cancel the pre-order for Strictly Business for Dec. 27th. Long story short, I belatedly noticed a rather serious error with the “final” draft I’d uploaded to Amazon, and unfortunately wouldn’t have been able to uploadContinue reading “Strictly Business Release Update… Part 2”

Strictly Business Release Update

Hello again, fellow book nerds! Siena here again with some more news regarding my fast-approaching release of Strictly Business, the continuation of Eric and Tera’s story that began in Whip Smart. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected family-related setbacks once again, the release date has to be pushed back until the 26th. However, it will be available for pre-orderContinue reading “Strictly Business Release Update”

Strictly Business- Excerpt and Release Date News

Hello again, fellow book nerds! Sorry for the lack of updates, but between my day job, family obligations, and working on the sequel to Whip Smart, I’ve been keeping pretty busy. But I’m excited to announce that book two, Strictly Business, will be released in just over a week on Dec. 22!

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday, Tera Bodnar!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope your week/weekend has been spooktacular. Unfortunately, my own plans ended up falling through and I didn’t end up having a good enough excuse to dress up in costume… although it is also the birthday of a certain special someone in my life… 😉

ANNOUNCEMENT: Whip Smart Postponed Until Oct. 25

Hello, fellow book nerds! If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know by now that I haven’t been able to shut up about my impending release date, which would have been today. Unfortunately, while I have been eagerly and nervously awaiting this day for months and months, some serious life circumstances have comeContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT: Whip Smart Postponed Until Oct. 25”