Drawn into the Shadows (FREE Online Paranormal Romance Serial)

COMING SOON from Leanne Lukacs (writing as Siena Noble): a steamy, suspenseful second-chance romance/mystery-thriller with an urban fantasy twist and a hefty helping of ultra-rich family drama. Is it Succession with demons and werewolves? Eh, maybe a little…

Drawn into the Shadows will be available here as a free serial with new chapters published on a regular-ish biweekly basis. Check the table of contents below on this page or keep an eye on my blog’s main feed for the latest updates!

**A version of this serial was previously published as a contemporary romance novel under the title High Risk; it has since been significantly rewritten and revised and the original High Risk is no longer available for purchase.**

Caleb Martin: lost bastard prince of business royalty. But before he was worth millions, he was my first love and my brother’s best friend. Now, six years after the tragedy that ripped us apart, fate has drawn us together again. I thought I’d moved on, but the intoxicating pull between us is too strong to deny. No other man has given me that same sweet taste of dominance and submission, and now that Caleb’s offering it to me again, how can I refuse?

But there’s more at stake than my wounded heart or even my career, and our illicit arrangement is far from the only secret he’s keeping. Something more ancient and sinister than our shared history looms over Caleb’s new life. Strange things keep happening as I find myself lured deeper into his shadowy world of decadence, things that defy all logic and play tricks on my mind. Things that may point to the boy next door I thought I knew being something other than merely human…

I thought I understood the dangers of mixing business with pleasure, the risk in unearthing the pain of our pasts. Yet the more I pry into the mysterious hold that his father’s powerful family has over him, the more I find myself meddling in forces far beyond my mundane mortal reality…

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of addiction/substance abuse and references to abuse and sexual assault between secondary characters.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One Coming Soon!