Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning, aching, smoldering questions answered here.

Q: “Do all your books/series exist in the same universe?”

A: They do! At least, all the ones that I’ve published so far or that I’m planning on publishing in the near future. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but I’m a big fan of shared universes. Blame Marvel, I guess. Fortunately, each series works as its own standalone story; for example, you don’t need to read The Loft books to understand the Risky Business books and vice versa. However, as they share some characters and even a few significant events, from my biased perspective they are best enjoyed as a whole. As long as you follow the numerical order of each individual series you won’t get lost, though the publication order of my books doesn’t necessarily match up with the timeline of events across the multiple series. I’ll be posting a suggested reading order/book timeline soon.

Q: “Do your books need to be read in a certain order?”

A: Each book within The Loft series, Risky Business Trilogy, and the upcoming Fighting Dirty Trilogy should be read according to publication/numerical order. The Loft starts with Whip Smart, and Risky Business begins with High Risk. I’ll be posting a suggested reading order/timeline in the near future

Q: “Are your books available on other retailers besides Amazon (Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.)?”

A: Why, I’m glad you asked! You can find all of my currently published books online at Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and several others, and they will hopefully be available on Google Play in the near future.

Q: “Will your books be available as audiobooks?”

A: Working on it! As of this update (7/24/20), Whip Smart is now available as an audiobook via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, narrated by the fantastic Meg Sylvan and Everett Hwang. Strictly Business is wrapping up production, and will likely be out by the end of August, with Tangled Love anticipated to follow sometime in the fall. The Risky Business books likely won’t be out in audio until after the entire trilogy is published, though I’d like to have them in audio early next year.

Q: “How many books will there be in The Loft series?”

A: I have five books total planned for the series. Book three (as of 7/24/20) will be out in late August or early September and book four has a planned October-ish release, with the fifth and final book set to be released early 2021. And don’t worry, books two through four each have their own satisfying HFN endings, and arguably book four will have something closer to an HEA; no more evil cliffhangers for Eric and Tera!

All right, all right! Contain your excitement; I know cliffhangers suck…

Q: “Is there a chance we’ll get any stories from The Loft club outside of the main series/Tera and Eric’s story?”

A: Maybe…

Q: “Will we be seeing more of Kiera and Caleb after Risky Business?”

A: Maybe…

Q: “Will any of the side characters from The Loft or Risky Business be getting their own books?”

A: Oh, just you wait. Keep an eye out for the first book of the Fighting Dirty Trilogy this fall/winter, featuring Megan McGinnis, Tera’s friend and roommate who we first meet in Whip Smart. I’m also planning a book or possibly even a series for Kiera’s best friend Ashlyn from High Risk, though that likely won’t come out until next year. I’ve also been toying around with the idea of a romantic suspense centering around two characters first seen in a yet-to-be-released book, but that one’s a bit more up-in-the-air.

Have any other burning questions? Want to know what a character’s favorite movie is (Eric’s is Oldboy, btw)? Just want to have a casual chat about the meaning of life? Just send me an email through the contact page, or hit me up on Twitter (best place to reach me), Facebook, or Goodreads!