Fifty Shades Revisited

It’s 2021 [Edit June 2023: chapter five me says “lmao”], and I’m declaring this the year of the Fifty Shades of Grey renaissance, dammit. Because it’s the 10th anniversary, and if 2020 was the year everyone decided to revisit Twilight, then I can do the same with this series that has haunted me and my romance writing career since before it began. Join me along this journey as I pick apart this series that has been picked apart many times before, but this time with new insights from Grey and Darker (and possibly Freed... we’ll see), Fifty Shades from Christian’s POV. Watch as I slowly lose my mind trying to purge my strange fixation with this franchise from my system, while also attempting to analyze and recontextualize this questionable cultural touchstone in light of everything that has and has not changed in the past decade. It’s fun for the whole family!

Fifty Shades of Grey (and Grey)